Meeting Minutes with Uncle Ishak 23rd September 2008

Meeting Minutes

People: Uncle Ishak, Amir Syakireen and Abdul Majied

Venue: Christchurch Islamic Centre Date:23rd September 2008

1. Complains about the supplementary food.

o Sometimes some of us gets smaller beef size compared to others

§ Uncle said he will make sure that the size of beef will be in standard size and not too small.

§ We will try to find the standard size of beef so that everyone will know what to expect. But this is still in progress

o Sometimes we didn’t get complete meal; there is no vegetable.

§ Uncle said that during winter vegetable supply is not steady, and the price fluctuates. But in this coming summer this problem shouldn’t occur and he will try the best to supply us daily meal with vegetables.

2. Matters regarding menu

· Petsoc have asked Uncle to provide menu like last few years.

· Uncle cant provide detailed menu but has come with this temporary alternative

· Type of cooking (main dish)

o Curry type

o Stew or baked

o Water Base like Asam pedas

· Type of cooking (vegetables)

o Goring

o Rebus

o Lodeh

· Vegetables provided

o Kacang panjang

o Brussels sprouts

o Cabbage

o Cauliflower

o Broccoli

o Bak choy

3. The supply of fish is very limited since the NZ Govt regulated the new law on fishing. Hence, the huge price increase. The restricted supply and high price has led to a decision of cutting out fish from our menu. We’ll be getting chicken, beef, or lamb cooked as mentioned above.

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