Accomodation Update 20/10/2008

Hi everyone..I know everyone is busy preparing for the exam. But please read carefully as this is very important for your accomodation.

We have met Jackie at Ilam office just now and these are the outcome.

1. For graduating students who need to extend their contract until 31 Dec 2008, please fill up the ‘Summer accommodation‘ form at the office.

2. For returning students who need summer accommodation, you too have to fill up the same form at the office.

3. For your information, these are the contract dates for 2009

42 weeks – 9th February – 30th Novermber
44 weeks – 2nd february – 7th December

Just to advice, if you think, you want to go back next year before December, then you should choose the ’42weeks’ contract so you can get full allowance for December. As far as I am concern, if anything goes wrong and you need to extend your stay, it should be no problem.

4. For returning students who do not need summer accommodation and currently live in Kowhai, the contract ends on 8 December 2008. For those who will be going back before December, we tried to shorten the contract to 30 November (so that we can get full allowence on December and January) but Jackie said that Petronas have already paid until the 8th of December.So, now we have to deal with Petronas regarding this matter. We will do our best but no promise okay..:).

5. For those who live in Hinau, your contract ends at 31 Dec 2008.

Any issue regarding accomodation and welfare, feel free to ask me at Thank you and good luck for your Exam!!


Hidayati Radzi
Accommodation and Welfare Officer

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  1. 🙂 this is really pretty professional announcement. cool stuff. 🙂

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