Proposal to Increase Food Allowance for PETRONAS Students in Christchurch

Due to recent global recession, most food price in Christchurch has increased dramatically. The price increase has affected the food provider for PETSOC as the current allowance of NZD 8 per day per person is insufficient for them to provide complete complimentary meal for PETSOC student. Thus, this proposal aims to increase the food allowance for PETSOC student from the current NZD 8 dollar per day per person to NZD 11 dollar per day per person. 

Moreover, caterers that could provide Halal dinner to our students are limited in Christchurch compared to other places. Before 2008, dinner allowances for students were actually NZD13 per person per meal. However, at the beginning of 2008 we were told that our monthly allowance was going to be increased and complimentary dinner will no longer be provided. Unfortunately, monthly allowance did not increase and complimentary dinners was then continued but only NZD8 was allocated per person. Since then, a lot of complications rose. 

Issues faced when allowance was decreased

  1. Both quality and quantity of food deceased significantly. NZD8 was insufficient to provide students with a complete well balanced meal. 
  2. Inconsistent supply of raw materials to caterers affects the quality and quantity of the meals.
  3. Extra stress increases amongst students as meals received were unsatisfying compared to before.
  4. PetSoC has tried our best to accommodate the complaints received from fellow members by negotiating with caterers but no optimal solution could be achieved with NZD8
  5. Caterers could not provide much as NZD8 per meal in Christchurch is below the average price of a dinner even compared to non-halal meals. 
Balanced diet in meals is really important for human development especially student. Getting a well balanced diet complete in all aspect of nutrient from protein to vitamins is one of the essential for student in order to excel in all aspect. 
In finding the most favorable solution, PetSoC has taken initiative to tender the catering in finding more caterers and to create competition which will then benefit us. Apart from that, the tenders will provide us with a surveyed market price of the meals required.
To support this proposal three documents are provided consisting of three random tenders’ asking price. After considering aspects such as well balanced diet, raw material, method of cooking, packaging and delivery the average price is NZD11 for all three tenders. That clearly marks the recent market price for a halal dinner complimentary meal in Christchurch. 
Benefits to Petsoc students
  1. Petsoc student will be provided with a complete balanced complimentary meal which is one of the important factors for a student to excel.
  2. Consistent food according to the menu can be expected.
  3. Will not be worrying about their food matter and can focus more on their studies.
For ESU Petronas and PetSoC, this is a WIN WIN proposal
Win 1 – Students will be happier and can focus more on studies resulting in better results which will also be beneficial for ESU and Petronas
Win 2 – Well balanced diet produces a healthy individual
Win 3 – Students of Canterbury now will be resources of Petronas in the near future. Excellent academic grades, well rounded skills, less unnecessary stress, and a healthy individual clearly states that Petronas scholars will be of better quality and will benefit Petronas.
Thank you for any future action from your party. It will be very much appreciated.
“Quality, Professionalism, Unity”
Hanaa Nadira Baharuddin
Petsoc Treasurer 08/09
Amir Syakireen Ramli
Petsoc President 08/09
Contact details:
Amir Syakireen Ramli
Ilam Village Homestead Ln, Ilam
Christchurch, New Zealand

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