Good Luck! : Mid year exam 2009 preparation strategy

Hi everyone,

I’m sure that most of us are quite busy with exam preparation, but if anyone haven’t started yet,

perhaps now is the best time to start thinking about exam strategy.

Here’s some powerful and effective tips to study for your exam:

1. Cover ALL of the material relevant to the exam. Make sure you have read and FULLY understand the main concept and idea of the topic.

2. Do ALL of the past years that is RELEVANT to the exam only. This is probably the best time to ask around for some model answers as well. After that, analyze the papers for similar questions that keep popping up every year, and practice them.

3. Go and SEE your lecturer straight away if you don’t understand anything. It’s better not to disturb your friends this time around as they may not have the correct answer themselves. Having said that, you can always discuss past years papers together and compare the answer and see your lecturer to mark it for you.

4. Make yourself a CHEAT SHEET covering all the major topics. This is to help you to jog your memory hours before the exam start, so that you can see the big picture.

5. SLEEP EARLY and wake up early. Have a good time management strategy. If you don’t sleep the night before, you are gonna be so tired during the exam, and your mind’s efficiency will be at its LOWEST, which is always the recipe for FAILURE. Avoid this at all cost.

6. Try not to discuss your answers with your friends after the exam. Maybe if they ask, then for politeness sake, just answer them, but don’t feel sorry for yourself if you find out that you screw up that part of the question. Then again, your marks depends on the lecturer whose marking it, not your friends’ review. So let it go and focus on what’s next.

7. Stay healthy and fit. Go for a jog, or a long walk, or a skip, or a dance, or aerobic class. You got the idea. The healthier you feel, the better your mental state during the exam is going to be. Flu symptoms? Aegrotat, aegrotat. =)

There you go. 6 powerful and effective tips to study and prepare yourself for the exam. I’m confident that you guys are going to do your best for your exam, and don’t forget to tawakkal to Allah after that.

For Muslim, amalkanlah Ayat Seribu Dinar di dalam doa. Banyak2kan lah berselawat ke atas Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Mudah2-an beroleh keberkatan ilmu dan ketenangan hati ketika menjawab peperiksaan.

Gambatte! Chaiyuk2! Aja aja fighting! and whatever~

Good luck guys. Sijil Hijau for everyone. (I’m gonna upload the photos of Sijil Hijau recipient for 2nd Sem 2008 if I can get it from Puan Zaidah)

Thanks and all the best!

Rahim Ibrahim

Academic Officer

PETSOC 2008/2009


“Quote of the Day” (3 days left to Final Exam!)

Let’s share some exam preparation tips:

1. Do your past years and tutorials. Don’t just read the answers and say “It all makes sense”. You must do it first, then check for answers. If the answer is not given, go and see your lecturer and they will be glad to mark it for you.

“One must learn by doing the thing, for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try.”

– Aristotle-

2. Practice doing a hard question or problem until you get used to it. The more you practice, the better. Reading study material alone won’t help that much.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.”

– Colin Powell-

3. If you stuck on anything, just ask anyone who knows it. Be it your friends, seniors, tutors and lecturers. You can make new friends by doing that too.

” He who is ashamed of asking is ashamed of learning.”

-Danish proverb-

4. Believe in yourself. Increase your self-esteem. You are not a loser. You are a successful person yet to be unleashed. Exams are meant to assess how successful you are. If you think that you can, you are more likely to be able to do it. If you think you can’t, you are more likely to fail.

“Only the strongest egos escape the trap of perfectionism. To solve problems successfully, you must believe you can, must feel capable enough to improvise. Yet too many adults have been schooled away from their ability to experiment freely.”

-Marsha Sinetar-

Good luck. All the best in your examination. “Sijil Hijau” for everyone.

Abdul Rahim Ibrahim

Academic Officer

PETSOC 2008/2009

Exam Skills Seminar 2008

In preparation for the coming final exams which starts at 28th November 2008, PETSOC have encouraged everyone to attend the Exam Skills seminar, which is organized by the Learning Skills Centre on Monday, 13th November 2008 at Law105 lecture theatre.

Some of the things that we learned inside the 60-minute seminar

  • How to use subconscious mind to answer difficult questions in the exam
  • How to do question spotting to know what will be questioned in the exam
  • How to read and study your materials effectively to cut your study time in half.
  • How to write your answer effectively to get good marks
  • What to do when we ran out of time in the exam
  • How to answer essay type question to produced a high quality essay
  • How to use a simple list to boost your understanding and save you time
  • How to determine what you should focus and spend more time revising on it
  • How to stop worrying and start studying

With this seminar, we hope that members who attended it will gain insight on how to be well prepared for the final exams and get good marks for it too!

To increase the “Quality” and “Professionalism” of the PETSOC members, we will organize more academic activities in the future, together with the social activities from previous years. By joining these activities, we can get better grades in the exams, and develop professionalism within us for our future life.

“Quality, Professionalism, Unity”

Prepared by,
Abdul Rahim Ibrahim
Academic Officer
PETSOC 2008/2009