1. Academic

To increase the number of “Sijil Hijau”(high achievers awards). Petsoc will optimize University of Canterbury resources such as  the Student Support Service and being involved in university activity in terms of improving academic results and time management.

2. Professionalism

To promote Petronas Shared Values.

Loyal to Nation and Corporation

Committed, Innovative and Proactive and Always Striving for Excellence

Honest and Upright

United in Purpose and Fellowship

To enhance leadership and public speaking skills, Petsoc will join and construct activities that allows members to practice speaking in public,develop leadership and other soft skills. We are dedicated to develop members and community.

3. Social Quality

To promote Petronas Foundational Behaviours.

1.Take Initiative

2.Reach out

3.Develop people

4.Be a Learner

5.Uphold Values

To strengthen bonds between Petsoc members with various social activities . To arrange activities that reaches out to the local community in order to expose member to other culture, races and nationalities.

4. Sports

To promote and encourage sports and other healthy activities to members in developing a well-rounded person.

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