PETSOC Post 2008/2009


Deals with all issues involving Petsoc club and its members.

Jobs involve- Delegate tasks to Officers. Calls for TEC meeting if there are any important issues to be solved. Assist PR, Food and Tech Officers in dealing with their job. Make sure that Petsoc is moving towards its objective. Together with TEC and members suggestion, plan activities for Petsoc.

Vice President

Deals with all issues involving Petsoc club and its members.

Jobs involve- Assisting the President. Delegates task to officer. Making sure that everyone is present during TEC meeting. Assists the Accommodation, Health and Sports, Religious Officers in dealing with their job. Holds all presidential jobs when president is not around.

Administration Manager

Deals with all secretarial matters

Jobs involve- prepare meeting minutes for everyone. Make sure every member know what is happening. Writing letters and any administration stuff. Ensuring that every member feels the need to come to every Petsoc activity (works with Events manager, verbal influence).

Finance Manager

Deals with all Petsoc’s financial and treasury affairs . Liaises with ANZ (our official) bank.

Jobs involve- Controls the cash flow of the club account. Updates members on its monthly financial position. Making sure that every cent of club money is use for the benefit of its members and the club as a whole. Deals with claims and membership fees. Alerts the TEC of any problems regarding account/finance.

Economy and Wealth Officer

Deals with all economy issues in Petsoc. AKA The Tycoon.

Jobs involve- Head of the Economy Department. Generate income for Petsoc. Organize activities involving economic matters. Search for possible future sponsor.

(as Money has become one of the most important factor in Petsoc activities, Economy and Wealth officer plays a major role.

PR Officers – 2 people

Pr officer involves in all issue regarding the outside party i.e. Petsa and MSD

Jobs involve- Oversees matters regarding Student Advisor’s visit to UC in terms of accommodation and transportation, meeting schedule and agenda. Send out invitations/reports to outside party regarding all Petsoc activity. In other words, making sure people out there are connected and are aware of what Petsoc is doing.

Academic Officer

Academic officer deals with all matters regarding student’s academic excellence.

Jobs involve- Head of the Academic Department. Liaises with University of Canterbury in ensuring that UC resources are well optimized. Assist fellow scholars in academic issues such as book allowances, field trip claims, et cetra. Organizes academic activities such as peer-to-peer mentoring, workshops, and seminars.

Religious Officer

Deals with all religious activity. Covers religious need for all members.

Jobs involve- Organize Solat Hajat, Bacaan Doa during every meeting, Takirah, and any other religious matter. Deals with Musa if activities were to be co-organized.

Health n Sports Officer

Deals with all health and sports issue involving Petsoc members.

Jobs involve- Head of the sports department.Organizes training and practice for Petsoc’s contingent before Bersatu games. Organizes sports activity for its members. Making sure that every Petsoc member is healthy and offers assistant to any Petsoc members who has any health issues. Liaise with PETRONAS in any health issue such as medicine claims.

(Health is a very important aspect and Petsoc is happy to help member who are dealing with health problem.)

Food Officer

Deals with all food issues. Making sure the best food quality is provided to Petsoc members.

Jobs involve- Liaises with our food caterer. Bring any matter/complains regarding food to the knowledge of other TEC so that measures can be taken together. Settles all the invoices and issues regarding to food with PETSA.

Accomodation and Welfare officer.

Deals with any issues involving accommodations of Petsoc’s members (Unihall, Ilam and Sonoda). Liaise with UC’s Accomodation Office.

Jobs involve- Giving assistant to any Petsoc’s member relating to accommodation (claims, informs Petsoc members to help if someone needs moving). Keeps records of member’s current address. Deals with the Accomodation Office if we need to use the common room for any club activity.

IT and Technology Officer

Deals with all Technology stuff. Information technology or any technology known.

Jobs involve- Updating Petsoc’s blog/admin for group. Ensures everyone is connected!! (telephone number, YM, mail and facebook). Make sure tech stuff is ready if needed in any events (projector,mic,speaker etc)

Biro Members

1. Academic Department

2. Sports Department

3. Economy Department

Volunteers , organizes, and participates in every events/activities. Helps support the TEC in ensuring that Petsoc is the best. Give suggestion and complaints transparently for the betterment of the club. Try to support and give commitment to all projects and events. Lastly, be PROUD of being a Petsoc member!!!

Names of 2008/2009 Committe

Prepared by,

Amir Syakireen Ramli

President Petsoc

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