Career Fair and Job Hunting Seminars: How to get the job you want

Hi guys,

CareerHub at University of Canterbury are organizing a few seminars and Career Fair this month.

Why should you care?

Well, if you want to get the job you want, this seminars and career fair might give you the right information for whatever questions you may have regarding that.

Imagine in the next 30 years you gonna be working, and you want to do something you really want to do. This CareerFair and seminars will help you alot, and might be the answer that you’re looking for, especially for those final year/semester students.

Here’s the venues and date for the events:

1.  Career Fair

Thursday 14th & Friday 15th May, UCSA Ballroom. (Just follow the sign)

2. Writing successful CV and winning job application

Tueday 12th May, Seminar Room, Level 2, Geography Building.

3.  Should you lie in a Personality Test? How to survive an Assessment Centre & Psychometic Testing

Monday 11 May,Seminar Room, Level 2, Geography Building.

4.  Discover your options: what jobs can I do?

20 May,Seminar Room, Level 2, Geography Building.

5. Why Postgraduate Study Seminar

21 May, Seminar Room, Level 2, Geography Building.

okay, just free up your schedule and attend the seminar. i’ll be there too. we’ll text you guys about it for reminder.


Rahim Ibrahim

Academic Officer


3 Responses

  1. hey.
    can u please tell me the rate of the allowances you’re getting from petronas.
    I’m currently choosing between petronas, telekom n mara.
    I really hope u can lend me a hand.

    • Hi Acap,

      Interesting question. Currently, we only get $432 for allowance. Petronas already paid for
      the accommodation (including electricity) and 20GB Internet cap.

      Hope that answers your question.


  2. I just notice a comment, sorry for late reply. I agree allowance is very important aspect of sponsorship, but try to figure out the pro and cons when you’re graduating. More specifically what you want your worklife like. If you want to ask further details, you can pm me.

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