Step 3: Establish a term or quarterly schedule

  • Important to design a long-term study schedule, which should cover the entire quarter or semester.
  • It’s necessary to know all the important dates on the academic calendar, which includes deadlines for papers, scheduled quizzes, time for major test and oral presentation.
  • Most successful people, including most successful student, are usually ardent list-makers and schedule keepers.
  • Trying to juggle study, assignment, tests and exams and one or more curricular activities and a regular social life can seem overwhelming, especially to the disorganized. So it’s essential for you to learn the art of devising and sticking to a written personal schedule.
  • Written schedules are absolutely essential for a successful, well-ordered life. There’s no reason for any reason to forget a term paper deadline, overlook a homework assignment or fail to remember to study for a test. It;s just a matter of learning what the key dates and requirement are and then writing them down.


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