PET Talk 2: Recession, Recession, Recession!

Hi guys,

This Saturday we’ll be having PET Talk 2: “Recession, recession, recession!”. After the huge success we had for PET Talk 1, we are quite confident that PET Talk 2 will be more interesting and more successful than PET Talk 1.

This time we’re introducing a panel from postgraduate or someone that knows about this stuff really well to discuss about recession with all of us.

So why should YOU care to attend? What’s in it for me?

First of all, it will be a good idea to have a clue when people talk about recession during your upcoming interview session with your future employee.

You really don’t want to sit there and just babble some random stuff that might not have anything to do with recession at all. Sooooo, again, PET Talk is good for you to prepare for this situation.

Besides that, here are some question for you to think about just to warm up your brain.

1. What is recession?

2. How does recession affect you as a student and a future graduate?

3. How does recession affect your family and friends?

4. How does recession affect Oil and Gas industry, like Petronas, Shell, Exxon-Mobil etc.

5. Who suffers the most in recession?

6. When does recession occurs? How long does it last?

7. How do I get more money in recession? Should I invest or should I save?

8. How bad are Malaysian and New Zealand’s economy gonna be like?

9. Who causes the recession and who can help us to get out of recession?

10. Can we prevent recession in the future or is it unavoidable?

There you go.


Be at Ilam Old Common Room,

Saturday night,

14th of March 2009,

Time 8.15pm.

Sweet. Have a good day.

“Quality, Professionalism, Unity”


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