Equipment and Book Allowance is in. But….

The equipment and book allowance that many of us have been waiting for is in today,

but the amount remains the same as previous years despite the struggle and effort to increase it from our side.

We have send proposals, talked directly to the PETRONAS student advisor,

even going to the ESU office ourselves.

I wish one of their children is a PETRONAS scholar,

so they will know how expensive a textbook is nowadays, and how we suffered through

all this years just to buy textbooks that is compulsary for courses that we’re studying.

To PETSOC members, especially commerce students who changes their textbook edition

and/or title every year, we know how hard it is for you guys.  There’s always an option of borrowing it from

the library, but during the study week and exam period,  there’s only a few books for loan and we have to be quick

before they are  all gone. Heads up, and don’t let these circumstances determine your success in your studies.

For previous and current PETSOC committee and other PETRONAS clubs’ committee who have been fighting for an

increase in book allowance all these years, thank you so much. We really appreciate your effort, all the best in

your studies and good luck for your future endeavours.


Abdul Rahim Ibrahim

Academic Officer


2 Responses

  1. Rahim, i don’t know why you guys constantly complained about the textbooks allowance. For all i can remember, the allowance is ample and certainly sufficient. Stsudents need to be a little more resourceful, and act within its resource constraints. Kalau pet “pinjam” tak cukup, then go to trademe and hunt for 2nd hand books. Setidak2, pet scholars can also book-share. AFter all, semua pun tinggal sama2. There are plethora of solutions to this simple question. And that is not asking for more money.

  2. Might be used to be sufficient about NZD400++ (if I’m not mistaken) during my first year. But, they somehow reduce it to about NZD100++. Maybe some people financial status can’t afford this.

    My case, I managed to borong from Adly and Shaimaa using the NZD400 money and buy couple more from UBS. So, I personally didn’t have major problems on books. That’s just me from electronic engineering student POV. New edition books or not didn’t really matter in most engineering subjects imo when we talk about circuit theory and general electronics.

    I really have no idea about other people though, especially outside engineering. Commerce, geology or w/e.

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