Spotted: Petsocians having BBQ

Petsoc Press here, your one of many sources into the scandalous lives of Canterburian’s elite.

Spotted! Last Sunday, 1st of March, PP has spotted Petsoc members were having fun at the BBQ party. Almost everyone is so high with wild party jokes, including infamous listening tests and Fuzzy Wuzzy. Who knows what could have possibly happen if the BBQ lasted longer than scheduled? Meanwhile, the delicacy of honey marinated chicken and fine-blended tuna sandwich seems to uplift the Upper Riccarton’s fine taste and lifestyle. PP has also witness the delicate selection of beverages from 3-shot lemonades to whole jug of coke. The party was like, the most totally awesome starter party that anyone could ever wish for.

In the meantime, you can send any gossips or spotted pics to PP via email or other PP channels. You will be glad to know that your gossips will be published in the next issue of PP. Any study tips, recipes, sharing hobbies or exposing the exotic UC lifestyle are few examples that you can send me. 

In the meantime, stay tuned for more gossips from the next issues of Petsoc Press.



ox ox


Petsoc Press

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  1. haha nice one selor..

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