Step 4: Set up a weekly study schedule


  1. Write your class schedule and other permanent activites in ink. Then fill out the rest of the schedule in pencil, since you may have to make changes as the term progress. Alternatively, you can also use Google Calendar, which is an online calendar and organizer that have all sorts of fun features in it.
  2. Insert your mealtimes in the chart. Be sure to allow enough time for a leisurely meal and for travel between the place where you’re eating and your study space or classroom.
  3. Eating regular meals, including a substantial breakfast, is essential for keeping energy levels high for academic work.
  4. Brain work requires adequate calories and nutrients. If you aren’t on a proper diet, you” probably find that you lack the ability to work hard and concentrate for sufficient period of time to get the most out of your studies.

Step 3: Establish a term or quarterly schedule

  • Important to design a long-term study schedule, which should cover the entire quarter or semester.
  • It’s necessary to know all the important dates on the academic calendar, which includes deadlines for papers, scheduled quizzes, time for major test and oral presentation.
  • Most successful people, including most successful student, are usually ardent list-makers and schedule keepers.
  • Trying to juggle study, assignment, tests and exams and one or more curricular activities and a regular social life can seem overwhelming, especially to the disorganized. So it’s essential for you to learn the art of devising and sticking to a written personal schedule.
  • Written schedules are absolutely essential for a successful, well-ordered life. There’s no reason for any reason to forget a term paper deadline, overlook a homework assignment or fail to remember to study for a test. It;s just a matter of learning what the key dates and requirement are and then writing them down.


PET Talk 2: Recession, Recession, Recession!

Hi guys,

This Saturday we’ll be having PET Talk 2: “Recession, recession, recession!”. After the huge success we had for PET Talk 1, we are quite confident that PET Talk 2 will be more interesting and more successful than PET Talk 1.

This time we’re introducing a panel from postgraduate or someone that knows about this stuff really well to discuss about recession with all of us.

So why should YOU care to attend? What’s in it for me?

First of all, it will be a good idea to have a clue when people talk about recession during your upcoming interview session with your future employee.

You really don’t want to sit there and just babble some random stuff that might not have anything to do with recession at all. Sooooo, again, PET Talk is good for you to prepare for this situation.

Besides that, here are some question for you to think about just to warm up your brain.

1. What is recession?

2. How does recession affect you as a student and a future graduate?

3. How does recession affect your family and friends?

4. How does recession affect Oil and Gas industry, like Petronas, Shell, Exxon-Mobil etc.

5. Who suffers the most in recession?

6. When does recession occurs? How long does it last?

7. How do I get more money in recession? Should I invest or should I save?

8. How bad are Malaysian and New Zealand’s economy gonna be like?

9. Who causes the recession and who can help us to get out of recession?

10. Can we prevent recession in the future or is it unavoidable?

There you go.


Be at Ilam Old Common Room,

Saturday night,

14th of March 2009,

Time 8.15pm.

Sweet. Have a good day.

“Quality, Professionalism, Unity”


What it takes to be an Entrepreneur, E6 Lecture Theatre, 5.30pm

Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur? Or, do you have any idea what Entrepreneur is? Do you want FREE pizza?

Let’s go to this lecture by Entre tomorrow. We can learn something that everyone pays thousands of dollars anywhere else FREE of charge. Why not take this opportunity and learn something that you can apply in your daily life, aside from those boring and mind-boggling uni stuff..Hehe..

Don’t get me wrong here, studying is always our first priority as Petronas scholars, but having this Entrepreneurship skills will take you to greater heights in your life afterwords.  Just look at Tan Sri Mokhtar Bukhari for example. Due to his entrepreneurship skills and business acumine, he has able to help lots of people in various ways. He’s one of the recipient of the Tokoh Maal Hijrah award.

What is Fast Track seminars?

entre hosts nine FastTrack seminars throughout the year. Every seminar features a guest speaker with expert knowledge on a topic important to the entrepreneur. FastTrack helps students to understand the process of innovation and covers the steps of writing a business plan.

FastTrack also provides participants with the opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded entrepreneurial students.

Where: It will be held in E6 lecture theatre. This is in the engineering building.

When: 5:30pm sharp

How much: FREE! Plus Pizza!

Equipment and Book Allowance is in. But….

The equipment and book allowance that many of us have been waiting for is in today,

but the amount remains the same as previous years despite the struggle and effort to increase it from our side.

We have send proposals, talked directly to the PETRONAS student advisor,

even going to the ESU office ourselves.

I wish one of their children is a PETRONAS scholar,

so they will know how expensive a textbook is nowadays, and how we suffered through

all this years just to buy textbooks that is compulsary for courses that we’re studying.

To PETSOC members, especially commerce students who changes their textbook edition

and/or title every year, we know how hard it is for you guys.  There’s always an option of borrowing it from

the library, but during the study week and exam period,  there’s only a few books for loan and we have to be quick

before they are  all gone. Heads up, and don’t let these circumstances determine your success in your studies.

For previous and current PETSOC committee and other PETRONAS clubs’ committee who have been fighting for an

increase in book allowance all these years, thank you so much. We really appreciate your effort, all the best in

your studies and good luck for your future endeavours.


Abdul Rahim Ibrahim

Academic Officer


Spotted: Petsocians having BBQ

Petsoc Press here, your one of many sources into the scandalous lives of Canterburian’s elite.

Spotted! Last Sunday, 1st of March, PP has spotted Petsoc members were having fun at the BBQ party. Almost everyone is so high with wild party jokes, including infamous listening tests and Fuzzy Wuzzy. Who knows what could have possibly happen if the BBQ lasted longer than scheduled? Meanwhile, the delicacy of honey marinated chicken and fine-blended tuna sandwich seems to uplift the Upper Riccarton’s fine taste and lifestyle. PP has also witness the delicate selection of beverages from 3-shot lemonades to whole jug of coke. The party was like, the most totally awesome starter party that anyone could ever wish for.

In the meantime, you can send any gossips or spotted pics to PP via email or other PP channels. You will be glad to know that your gossips will be published in the next issue of PP. Any study tips, recipes, sharing hobbies or exposing the exotic UC lifestyle are few examples that you can send me. 

In the meantime, stay tuned for more gossips from the next issues of Petsoc Press.



ox ox


Petsoc Press