Pet Talk 1

Pet Talk First Session Report

On the 17th of November 2008, PETSOC have organized the first ever Pet Talk, an easy relaxing yet full of knowledge and interesting facts session of talks and discussions. This activity is aimed to equip scholars with interesting and important general facts and keep them up to date with recent global event. More than 20 members joined the discussion including our beloved student advisor, En Ezidy Abdul Aziz.

As planned the first Pet Talk are more focused on Oil and Gas issue. Many interesting issues regarding Oil and Gas are touched during the discussion. Abdul Rahim Ibrahim, our hardworking Academic Officer was first to talk on economic aspect of Oil and Gas. Among the points are how oil price are determined and how oil price influence the daily lifestyle of the earth population.


Discussions then continued with the argument bring by Amir Syakireen under an important keyword Petrodollar Warfare. He explained the term petrodollar and how US used it to make a profit for them. The topic becomes more interesting when he started to relate global events such as Iraq war and Iran economy blockade to Petrodollar. There are supporting points from Lam Ka Mun adding to complete our understanding for the topic later on the discussion.

Some also touched on the technical part regarding Oil and Gas. Alia Haryati, our final year Chemical Engineering student shared on processes on how we turn crude oil to its usable form. It is very interesting for all to know about the detail of process like oil desulphurization process. Here we learned that this process is very significant as this is where oil and its sulphur content are separated.


There are also question and answer session where exciting questions from scholars are answered by those who know. There are also some questions remain unanswered such as question on how an Oilrig is constructed far offshore as there are only one civil engineering student in Petsoc community. En Ezidy gave an astonishing closing where he touched a bit of all aspect on Oil and Gas before commented on the session and praised Petsoc for organizing this activity.

We hope in future more and more knowledge can be shared trough this activity. Petsoc aimed to open this activity to all University of Canterbury students as a platform for them to deliver their knowledge and ideas publicly. As it also support public speaking and leadership development for scholars, Petsoc hope that every party will give their support and contribution to further improve this informative and useful activity.

“Quality, Professionalism, Unity”

Amir Syakireen Ramli

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  1. 🙂 good to see some casual chat on some serious topic.

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