Petsoc Newsletter — Looking for more

I am planning to release Petsoc newsletter this summer depending on the interest shown by members to join the team. The content will be open-ended but with a greater emphasis on the club activity. Different than the annual release Petsoc yearly-released Bona Fide, Petsoc newsletter is planned to be released more frequently as postscript/PDF soft-copies.

I am at the middle of organising the core team mainly consisting editors, photographers and media people. Why you should join the team? Involve with our more organised editorial board and we will be using collaboration tools and agile development plans to improve the efficiency in working as a team. Don’t let these term fools you. These concepts is 99% used in working environment.

What kind of people are we looking for? Anyone with attitude and a team player. Although no technical knowledge is expected, you’re expected to know some word processing. We will be implementing ready-made design modules for first few releases and go on with more advance layout and graphic design softwares, possibly Photoshop and Illustrator/QuarkXpress.

If you are interested, just notify me or leave a comment after this post.


Mohd Faiz Hasim

3 Responses

  1. nice bro! aku suke kaler dia 😀
    layout pun simple
    so org xkan kecoh pasal design. org nak bace.. hehe

  2. majied.. suke2 join team selor tu k.. mari sama2 kita bwat ramai2… solat hajat nyer report mane hahaha

  3. Mari2 join… bila dah siap masak, kita makan sama2. refer next post on “Stone Soup and Boiled Frogs” story.

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