Whats ahead in PETSOC?

Future Activities?

First of all Good luck and all the best in the coming examination. Hope everyone is well prepared and togather  lets get SIJIL HIJAU..!!! Below are few things from the TEC discussion nearly a month ago. Many came up with good suggestions and ideas and these the best few among them.

1. Academic Day

  • During the day, we will have few [Most Wanted] skills Seminars.
  • [Most Wanted] skills? Job interview skills, CV writing skills, time management, self motivation etc.
  • Food + beverages.
  • End with fun activities like laser strike or bowling.

2. PetTalk

  • Its time for us to STAND, TALK and SHARE our knowledge.
  • This will be an ongoing activity ( several weekends ).
  • Topic will be given a week before each session so we can prepare our 2-3 minutes talk. Eg: Oil, Leaders, Globalization etc
  • A reward for the Best speaker for each session ( maybe  🙂 ).
  • Question and Answer session.
  • Finger food + beverages.

3. Leadership Camp

  • A low cost one day camp.
  • Will be closely align with PETRONAS leadership skills requirements.
  • Outdoor/indoor
  • Food + Beverages

These ideas and suggestions really well parallel with our  Objectives and i hope we can make it a successful one. So let us togather share and develop our  skills from now so that we are well prepared for the our future. And if you have any ideas and suggestions on any activity, just let US know.

For the things we have to learn before doing them, we learn by doing them.” -Aristotle

“Quality, Professionalism, Unity”

Prepared by,

Amir Syakireen Ramli
Petsoc 2008/2009

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