Exam Skills Seminar 2008

In preparation for the coming final exams which starts at 28th November 2008, PETSOC have encouraged everyone to attend the Exam Skills seminar, which is organized by the Learning Skills Centre on Monday, 13th November 2008 at Law105 lecture theatre.

Some of the things that we learned inside the 60-minute seminar

  • How to use subconscious mind to answer difficult questions in the exam
  • How to do question spotting to know what will be questioned in the exam
  • How to read and study your materials effectively to cut your study time in half.
  • How to write your answer effectively to get good marks
  • What to do when we ran out of time in the exam
  • How to answer essay type question to produced a high quality essay
  • How to use a simple list to boost your understanding and save you time
  • How to determine what you should focus and spend more time revising on it
  • How to stop worrying and start studying

With this seminar, we hope that members who attended it will gain insight on how to be well prepared for the final exams and get good marks for it too!

To increase the “Quality” and “Professionalism” of the PETSOC members, we will organize more academic activities in the future, together with the social activities from previous years. By joining these activities, we can get better grades in the exams, and develop professionalism within us for our future life.

“Quality, Professionalism, Unity”

Prepared by,
Abdul Rahim Ibrahim
Academic Officer
PETSOC 2008/2009

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  1. mmg byk info yg aku dapat.. best2

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