Petsoc Cookie Nite

Dah byk buat.. susun2 jadi la cmni.. eheh

To promote Unity among members, Petsoc has come with Petsoc Cookie Nite. An event organized a day before Hari Raya (malam raya) to gather members and to create a happening Raya environment.

bwat kuih jangan tak buat..

The ingredients was prepared by the club and members was just having fun together making Kuih raya. The outcome was really impressive; Hanaa’s mouth watering Kuih Semprit, Ain’s lip smacking Kuih Siput and Anne’s scrumptious Kuih Cornflakes :). This shows that the cooking-chef-wan- talent is there, at least for certain members.

Some of the kuih semprit...

Those cookies then brought to the Hari raya Celebration co-organized by Petsoc. Event like this should be encouraged in future to foster relationship between members.

Quality, Professionalism, Unity

Prepared by,

Amir Syakireen Ramli

One Response

  1. Ok next year, smua student EE akan wat biskut raya jugak. Our main shapes will be passive components like resistors, capacitors and inductors. We can probably bake biscuits resembles UHF amplifier circuits with two impedance matching network. Transistor = Semprit, Stubs and transmission line = biskut cornflakes.

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